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Pastor, Andrés Espinoza

Purpose of the course.

The student will obtain a panoramic view of the 66 books of

The Holy Scripture.


Summary of the course content.

This course was developed by various missionaries from the Reformed Church in the Dominican Republic. Originally it was several courses of the Electronic Reformed Biblical Institute (IBRE). Provides an overview of all the books of Scripture in summary form.

Materials for the course. This manual “Introduction to the Bible” and the Bible.

Course objectives.

  1. Have the student participate in a learning group.

  2. That the student understands the course materials.

  3. Let the students become familiar with the bibliography.

  4. Let the student develop tools or skills for ministry.

  5. That the student retain the teaching of the course and put it into practice in a

    royal ministry.

Course requirements.

  1. The student will attend 15 hours of classes.

  2. The student will fulfill their tasks.

  3. The student will become familiar with the readings related to the topic.

  4. The student will participate in a special project.

  5. The student will take the final exam.

Course Evaluation.

  1. Student participation. For every hour the student attended, a point (15%) will be given.

  2. Chores. For each task completed for the 12 lessons, you can be awarded two points (25%). If the student completes all the tasks, he can receive an extra point at the end.

  3. Required Reading: The Chicago Declaration ; Confession of Faith chapter 1 ; Chapter 4 to 10 of Calvin's Institution (20%).

  4. Student's special project. Make an index card for each book of the Bible that includes "Author", "Date", "Purpose", "Summary". (twenty%).

  5. Final exam. The student will demonstrate their knowledge of the concepts and contents of the course materials (20%).

Audio Classes

Video Classes

  • Apologetics (Defense of the Faith)

  • Called to be Servants

  • The Westminster Confession

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