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The first followers of Christ were called "disciples" before they were called "Christians." To be a disciple is to be a "learner", someone who learns from a teacher.

Our Bible Academy exists for the purpose of helping each member of the church walk with Christ in faithfulness, loyalty, service, and sacrifice, within the context of a discipleship relationship that leads to growth in grace and knowledge of God.

We want to accomplish this by nurturing and strengthening each member of God's family, in such a way that together we can be equipped to fulfill our covenant obligations, in such a way that we can "glorify God and enjoy Him forever" (Catechism Westminster minor, question # 1).

The Raah Biblical Academy has an extensive program of discipline and formal training for all members who want to grow in knowledge and service to God, we do it through personal discipleship, small groups, conferences and formal theology classes (Bachelor - Master and Doctorate). ) We have an agreement with the MINTS Seminar for these academic qualifications.

Formal Study Plan

Academic Prospectus


Enrollment Form

Classes and conferences in Audio

Church doctrine

Pastor Clarlos Cruz.


Pastor Cornelio Heggeman

ES Doctrine

Pastor: Andrés Espinoza.

Pastor: Geoff Downey

Basic Hermeneutics

Pastor Andrés Espinoza


Pastor: Douglas Clawson.

Parables of Jesus

Pastor RC Sproul

Christian Counseling

Pastor Andrés Espinoza

Church history

Pastor, Guillermo Gomez

(Sovereign Grace Baptist Church)


Pastor, Douglas Clauson

(Orthodox Presbyterian Church)

Union with Christ

Dr, Lane Tipton

(Orthodox Presbyterian Church)


Christian education

Dr, Danny Olinger

(Orthodox Presbyterian Church)

Introduction to the Gospels

Pastor, Andrés Espinoza  


"The doctrine of the Word of God"

Pastor, Andrés Espinoza  

Westminster Confession

Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn

(Orthodox Presbyterian Church)

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