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Exhibition Series:


The Church "A glorious work of God"


Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians contains a glorious description of the riches that God as sovereign king has provided for his people. As a church we have unlimited spiritual riches available to us to live joyful and fulfilling lives in Christ. Paul asks this letter that believers can see, know and understand what they have received by grace from the hand of their Lord.

It is also my prayer that God will use this letter to enlighten the eyes of our understanding so that we understand the incredible blessings we have in Christ and can enjoy them. May the Lord allow us to appreciate our lives in light of God's incredible purposes for his people and in this way we can live as members of his church, lives worthy of the high calling we have been given as sons and heirs of the kingdom.


Ephesians is also an epistle that makes us understand the incredible privilege we enjoy being part of the church, it shows us how the church is central to God's purposes for his kingdom. The church is a glorious masterpiece of God, displaying his incredible grace and infinite love. This gun motivates us to trust God and his sovereign government, it shows us how God uses the preaching of the word to transform us and to fulfill his eternal purposes of bringing us to perfection. This is an exhilarating and glorious letter.

Exhibition Series

  • Genesis

  • Exodus

  • Levitical

  • Numbers

  • Deuteronomy

  • Josue

  • Judges

  • Ruth

  • Samuel

  • Kings

  • Chronicles

  • Esdras

  • Nehemiah

  • Ester

  • Job

  • Psalms

  • Proverbs

  • Ecclesiastes

  • Songs

  • Isaiah

  • Jeremiah

  • Wailing

  • Ezequiel

  • Daniel

  • Hosea

  • Joel

  • Amos

  • Obadiah

  • Jonah

  • Micah

  • Nahum

  • Habakkuk

  • Haggai

  • Zechariah

  • Malachi

  • Matthew

  • frames

  • Luke

  • Juan

  • Facts

  • Romans

  • Corinthians

  • Galatians

  • Ephesians

  • Philippians

  • Colossians  

  • Thessalonians

  • Timothy

  • Timothy

  • Titus

  • Philemon

  • Hebrews

  • Santiago

  • Peter

  • Juan

  • Judas

  • Apocalypse

Thematic Series

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